Outreach Ministry

David & Diana Stoddard

David and Diana Stoddard have had a variety of missionary experiences. Before getting married, David spent two years in Peru, and Diana spent almost five years in Haiti. Together they ministered in Church Development and Leadership Training in Colombia for 22 years with TEAM and there raised their three children, Jason, Rebekah and Amanda. Then God called them to begin a new ministry in Guatemala with the Central American Theological Seminary or SETECA (as it is known in the Latin American context). They both are serving as Assistant Directors in the Ministerial Program, a program designed for local pastors and lay leaders. Diana, along with some seminary students, is also developing an evangelistic puppet ministry.

Carol James

Carol  lived and worked at Mucajai Station among the Yanomami Indians of Brazil from 1967 until her retirement in 2006. During her years in Brazil, she served in the medical clinic, translated Bible stories into the Yanomami language, and taught the people to read and write. Carol is now officially retired and lives in Short Track, New York. In the midst of her busy retired life, she continues to help the Yanomami ministry by translating discipleship booklets for adults and older children. Pray specifically that a vibrant church would soon be established at the Mucajai Staion. Pray against the continuing problem (even among new believers) of spiritual ancestry (sacrifices to the dead) and drug and alcohol abuse.

Carol served with the Unevangelized Fields Mission, now called CrossWorld, whose ministry focuses on evangelism and church planting in 22 countries. She is a long time member of Ridgeland Community Church.

Rochester Family Mission

The Rochester Family Mission is a Christian organization called to serve and strengthen inner-city families by meeting their material and spiritual needs. Begun in 1927, the RFM seeks to:
* meet short-term family needs for food and clothing
* provide spiritual support through a full program of church activities
* present to young people Christian standards for conduct and lifestyle through a year-round program of youth ministries
* offer a program of adult Christian education for pastors and lay persons through the Rochester Institute of Christian Ed. (RICE)
* provide tutoring and counseling for youth and adults

Young Life


Nathan, Joy and Elijah Stoddard

Young Life doesn’t start with a program. It starts with adults who are concerned enough about kids to go to them, on their turf and in their culture, building bridges  of authentic friendship. These relationships don’t happen overnight – they take time, patience, trust and consistency

So Young Life leaders log many hours with kids – where they are, as they are. We listen to their stories and learn what’s important to them because we genuinely care about their joys, triumphs, heartaches and setbacks.

We believe in the power of presence. Kids’ lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God’s love with them. Because their Young Life leader believes in them, they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.

This is the first step of a lifelong journey; the choices they make today, based on God’s love for them, will impact future decisions….careers chosen, marriages formed and families raised. All ripples from the time when a Young Life leader took time to reach out and enter their world.

Ridgeland supports Nathan and Joy Stoddard who work with Young Life in the South Towns of Buffalo.

Herbert Family

Max, Samantha, Luke, Ellie & Madilyn Herbert

Ridgeland also supports Max and Samantha Herbert who work in the the West Side of Rochester.

We are excited to be a part of what God is doing on the West Side of Rochester!  Samantha and I have been on staff with Young Life since our first year of marriage in 2000.  We met as volunteer leaders with Young Life in the town of Greece and are thrilled to be able to come back to the area where we first started our relationship.  We now have 3 kids(Luke, Ellie, and Madilyn), who are loving being a part of this new community.  Our hope as a family and as a mission is that we would be a light as we love God and love others.


Short-Term Mission Projects

It is a goal of the Outreach Committee to make available opportunities for members and friends of Ridgeland to participate in short-term missions projects here in our own community, in other areas of the USA or abroad. In the summer of 2000, twenty-five people took part in our first Appalachia Service Project, repairing homes and sharing love with families in eastern Tennessee. In the summer of 2002, forty-five of us traveled to West Virginia for a week of repairing homes and conducting a Vacation Bible School for the children. In spring 2004, eight youth and nine adult workers joined with several hundred others from across Monroe County who served in the Flower City Project, repairing homes, and holding street Bible studies right here in the city Rochester.

Linda Gamlen

Linda has been sharing with international friends in the Rochester area since 1988. In 2000, she founded International Student Network, which assists and encourages foreign students, their families and visitors to our area. Under her direction, the ISN Core Team (a group of representatives from area congregations) coordinates programs designed to build bridges of friendship between Americans and international visitors and to help students with practical and spiritual needs at locations near the U.of R. and RIT campuses.

Linda, credentialed with Elim Fellowship, is a frequent speaker at churches and groups, sharing her vision, teaching God’s Word, or training laymen in outreach. Through her many activities, she has become an administrator, teacher, counselor and friend to many in the Rochester area.

Kevin & Amy Wells

wells family

Kevin and Amy along with their children; Anika, Titus and Elise are the newest family that we are partnering with. Kevin and Amy work with Africa Inland Mission in Kijabe, Kenya. They teach at Rift Valley Academy, or RVA, which is a boarding school for missionary kids. The majority of the students who attend have parents who serve in one of over 20 countries in Africa. While parents are planting churches, teaching national pastors, evangelizing, practicing medicine , or participating in a number of different ministries, their children live in a loving “home away from home”, and attend a school where they receive a high quality Christian education.

RVA serves 500 students from 20 different nationalities and over 80 missionary organizations. As teachers, (Amy teaches Spanish and art, Kevin teaches English), their job is to build positive relationships with the students inside and   outside of the classroom, in order that they may become followers of Christ and become witnesses for Christ. Just   because these students’ parents are missionaries, does not mean they know Jesus as Lord and Savior. In addition to teaching, the Wells family is involved in numerous other areas, interacting with, and inspiring missionary kids. It is with joy that they minister to these kids to whom God has called them.

Amy grew up as a missionary kid, going out to Africa when she was five weeks old. Her parents, who are currently     serving with SIM, have been in Eastern Africa for about 30 years. Amy spent about 18 of those years in Sudan, Ethiopia, or Kenya. She started attending boarding school when she was six years old.