Author: Ron Heisey

Lord, Where’s My Cave??

How many of us have ever been inside a cave? There are many sizes and styles of caves; they can be beautiful, scary, breath-taking, and awe-inspiring. If you do a little bit of research, you will discover that people use caves for any number of things: for protection, for shelter, for warmth, and f

A Greatness that Descends

This week’s blog is submitted in remembrance of a dear friend of mine who succumbed to ALS. Dan was a true man of God and is missed by many whose lives he touched. Ron Heisey A Greatness that Descends We were in the middle of a Sunday evening service when a drunk stumbled into the church.

Why do we make goals?

We need goals, dreams, and we also need game plans for attaining them. Once we know those, we can determine the daily steps we can take to move us forward toward their completion. We measure often and adjust where necessary. Did you know that when NASA sent the Apollo mission to the moon, it was of