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If I were a true Christian I wouldn’t have mental illness.

          Experience tells me that the person likeliest to agree with that statement is someone who actually has chronic mental illness because shame about their condition may lead them to wonder if they did something wrong.  They're in pain that th

Is Sex Outside of Marriage a Sin?

A friend who is a new believer asked me this question.  He and his girlfriend were in a discipleship group my wife and I were leading, and both of them were getting more and more excited about their new life with Christ.  My friend was also experiencing healing from past traumas, and his

Is it OK for Christians to Use Marijuana?

Only recently has it even occurred to me to address this topic.  But now that 18 states including New York have legalized marijuana for recreational use, we should consider the morality of using this psycho-active drug.  Let's start with basics.  Morality is a theory about what behaviors le

Henrietta’s Unique Gospel Opportunity

It was heart-breaking to hear the stories of Afghani students whose families were left behind in Afghanistan.  I spoke with Ibrahim, a student at RIT, at a welcome picnic for international students our church hosted last month.  He had already come back for the fall term when panic about


Have you ever felt crushed because a dream you cherished didn't come to pass?  That disappointment may be some of the deepest pain you've ever experienced.  But here is some good news: that pain can lead you to the best discovery you've ever made.  It can lead you to experience true

Can’t Breathe Without Community

A man once told me he was getting a lot out of Sunday worship but stopped coming.  "That makes no sense, why would you stop something you're enjoying?", I asked.  He replied, "I feel awkward around people.  I'd rather stay home."  No way would I accept that.  "Then you can'

Why are Black people calling me “Brother” more?

          Last week I was waiting in line at the bank and decided to ask the lady behind me if she knew any good jokes.  "Only dirty ones," she said with a glint in her eye.  So I said: "Where are mediocre things made?"  She stared bac

Connecting with a New Pastor

          Here's a sample of a nightmare conversation with the new pastor. You:     Come in pastor, would you like something to drink? Him:    Yes, whatever you have is great. You:     (bringing in a glass)   So… ho

Why Did the LORD Harden Pharaoh’s Heart?

A non-believer posed this question to me once, and she was angry as she posed it.  The fact that God hardened Pharaoh's heart confirmed what she suspected already: that God is really just a bully.  Yes, if you picture God as a cosmic Nice Guy, then this scripture will definitely ruin your faith.

The Life-and-Death Drama of Your Personal Story

True or false: the only people who have a gripping testimony to share are those who spent twenty years on the mission field in Africa, those who were supernaturally delivered from addiction to crack, or those who heard an audible voice call their name and saw a white light at the end of