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Discover the Bible

The Holy Bible: the world’s best seller and the most translated book of all time.  It has influenced education, democracy, science, music, the arts, poetry and countless individual lives.
What’s its point?
What’s its central message?
Does it have a role in today’s world?  My world?

We invite you to explore the Bible in an atmosphere of respect without any pressure to become or join anything.
Discover the Bible
Then, you may make an informed decision regarding its importance to you.

Bibles in English or side-by-side translations and study materials are available.  Friends experienced in guiding speakers of other languages in understanding the vocabulary of the Bible welcome you to Discover the Bible.

Discover the Bible meets from 11:30am-12:30pm on Sundays at Ridgeland Community Church, 260 Beckwith Road, W. Henrietta.  Other times or places may be arranged for your convenience.