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Carol James

Retired from CrossWorld Mission

Carol James lived and worked at Mucajai Station among the Yanomami Indians of Brazil from 1967 until her retirement in 2006. During her years in Brazil, she served in the medical clinic, translated Bible stories into the Yanomami language, and taught the people to read and write.

Carol is now officially retired and lives in Short Tract, New York. In the midst of her busy retired life, she continues to help the Yanomami ministry by translating discipleship booklets for adults and older children. Pray specifically that a vibrant church would soon be established at the Mucajai Station.

Pray against the continuing problem (even among new believers) of spiritual ancestry (sacrifices to the dead) and drug and alcohol abuse.

Carol served with the Unevangelized Fields Mission, now called CrossWorld, whose ministry focuses on evangelism and church planting in 22 countries. She is a long-time member of Ridgeland Community Church.