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International Friendships, Inc.

International students often struggle with culture shock, stress, and loneliness when leaving their homes to study in the US. International Friendships, Inc. (IFI) is a national organization partnering with local churches, universities, and volunteers to provide life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students. We work strategically to make the world feel at home and extend God’s love globally — right where we are.

Hannah and Peter Putz work closely with students at RIT, and they have brought many students to RCC social events over the last year.   Hannah and Peter offer a weekly Bible study, hospitality, and a wide range of social services to incoming students.  Some of these students encounter crises for which they need special help.  For example, the pregnant wife of one student had an emergency premature delivery.  Thanks for Hannah, who is a retired midwife, mother and baby are thriving! 

Recently IFI hired a full-time campus minister to deepen their ministry at RIT.