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Outreach Ministry

The overall purpose of the Outreach Ministry is to inspire and equip RCC members in understanding and making the Great Commission a way of life and to view local, national and international outreach as an integrated whole.

The Outreach Ministry goals are to:

  • Seek innovative ways to serve and reach out to the immediate community surrounding Ridgeland Community Church.
  • Maintain interest and participation in outreaches currently supported by RCC.
  • Increase awareness of Great Commission opportunities among internationals, here and abroad, to help members sense the excitement of the move of God across the globe and to see themselves as being part of it in prayer, in financial support, and in active involvement.
  • Stimulate a heart-felt desire and sense of urgency for regular prayer for God’s work around the world and for the specialized needs of our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe.
  • Increase awareness that we are only a small part of the worldwide Body of Christ. God is working in the en- tire Body and we need to feel connected to it.
  • Inform about and encourage participation in conferences, seminars, or other near-by activities which inspire, inform and offer opportunities for outreach involvement.
  • Encourage individuals and families in their personal Great Commission activities.