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Value Statements

Ridgeland Community Church seeks the following values:

  • People from all countries, backgrounds and cultures worship and fellowship together as ONE body.
  • Our differences do not divide us but will strengthen us.
  • We function as a healthy family.
  • Each ministry team leads in their area of ministry while at the same time being thoroughly integrated into the rest of the family.
  • All of us clearly know our spiritual gifts and talents, and use them within the body with passion and joy.
  • We faithfully and sacrificially support the finances of the church.
  • We have a deep, intimate, passionate relationship with
    Jesus Christ.
  • The organizational structure of the church exists to keep ministries connected to each other and to allow them to flourish.
  • Our Sunday Morning Worship service consistently provides an environment in which we encounter God.
  • All of us (from infants to seniors) are part of a small group where true community can take place.
  • We see consistent fruit as we share the Gospel with those around us.
  • We are a true community church, that seeks to serve the community.
  • We are a church family whose love for each other is so remarkable that everyone will know we are Christ’s disciples.