Fit for the Fight

I’ve always been a big fan of the Navy Seals. From raw recruits the SEAL team members evolve into possibly the most elite fighting force in the world. They train relentlessly, push the limits of physical, mental, and emotional endurance and, in the process, form bonds that last a lifetime. There is

Henrietta’s Unique Gospel Opportunity

It was heart-breaking to hear the stories of Afghani students whose families were left behind in Afghanistan.  I spoke with Ibrahim, a student at RIT, at a welcome picnic for international students our church hosted last month.  He had already come back for the fall term when panic about


Have you ever felt crushed because a dream you cherished didn't come to pass?  That disappointment may be some of the deepest pain you've ever experienced.  But here is some good news: that pain can lead you to the best discovery you've ever made.  It can lead you to experience true